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Absolute Blue Invitation 3/23/12 - 3/25/12


Absolute Blue About Facebook

We are pleased to announce that Absolute Blue is now on Facebook (, which come to find out is much more than a book of faces. It’s actually a very useful collaborative tool that allows the documentation and dissemination of inappropriate behavior as well as instantaneously informing you when we are in a relationship with another band, not to mention links to cuddly puppies and some truly great recipes. We know that this concept may be foreign to you but we encourage you to take a look. After all, this thing may take off and sometime in the not too distant future even you could be on Facebook...

And we must apologize for our Twittering. Unfortunately the Twitter product has some very strict rules regarding spamming, of which we were unaware, that led to the temporary suspension of our account (@AbsoluteBlueBnd). We are embarrassed by this chain of events and vow that hitherto going forward we will adhere to both the written and unwritten laws of Twitterdom. So now that we are aware that there is a bare minimum for messaging we promise to regularly relate to you the combined and singular thought processes of Absolute Blue as well as special offers, offensive banter and political incorrectiveness..

This weekend we make it an early Friday with an evening at the Avenue in Viera from 6 to 9...

Then Sunday we are proud to host a benefit for Bridges at Lou's Blues from 2 to 8. Bridges is a community based organization that has been supporting children and adults with disabilities for more than fifty years. We'll be taking the stage about 6 for a set so make sure you get out to help those who are making a difference to some very special people. For more info:



# crystalcross 2012-04-25 13:21
I find your political correctness offensive. I also find myself offensive. So far that's all I have found and can't seem to find the door. Could someone help me?

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