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Absolute Blue Invitation 4/08/16 - 4/11/16


Absolute Blue Ecologizes


Much has been written about the Indian River Lagoon, with its imperiled status, runoff issues and more fish killed in the last week than Kevin has in a lifetime. Sure it gets a lot of attention, but what of Brevard’s other waterways, that we rely upon for our very lives? Surely IRL isn’t the sole potential aquatic disaster. It is because of this we have established Save Our Streams, Creeks, Rivers, Brooks, Canals and Tributaries or SOSCRBCT. This program allows local bands to adopt a failing waterway and take responsibility for its well-being. Our obvious choice is Goat Creek, for its importance throughout history. It is well known for halting the Lutheran advance during the third Protestant invasion of 1638, as the communal meeting spot where early settlers would relieve themselves and was the site of the area’s first established brothel in 1757. Unfortunately the once pristine aquifer has now been reduced to a slow flow of moderately toxic sludge. Now even the casual observer will notice its obvious lack of goats, but a complete analysis using spectromal resonancing and chromatical imagining shows that the creek is 12% tungsten, 15% methane, 10% beer cans, 21% plastic, 2% urine and 0% goat, roughly the same composition of Old Milwaukee Light.


We have an assortment of ideas for this project. Don wants to remove the bad water, then replace it with a nice bottled spring water. Skip wants to halt the water flow, then focus it through a narrow passage in a form of a Britta Dam. Don wants to introduce exotic carnivorous plants to filter the water organically. Tom would rather work out a trade for another reasonably priced body of water or remove it completely, resulting in the first ever creekectomy. Bill wants to wait until the Liberals clean it up.


Just imagine if every band was as committed to community service and environmental issues as Absolute Blue: Making Music Great Again…



Friday it’s back to Coconuts in Cocoa Beach from 7 to 11…


Saturday we invade Grind + Grape in Vero Beach, at the corner of Ocean and Bougainvillea, from 8 to 12…


And Sunday come to the Port for an afternoon at Millikens, 2 to 7…

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