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Absolute Blue Invitation 4/15/16 - 4/17/16


Absolute Blue Apocalypses


It has been foretold by many different sources that one man would come to power and bring about the end of times. Or at least the end of daylight savings time. Revelations in the Bible, the Shemot of the Torah and the April issue of Good Housekeeping all say the same thing. And it pertains not only to our current political climate but also worldwide events that indicate the imminent chaos and tumult. Even in Florida a bicyclist crossing the state was arrested in the nation’s first case of pedalphilia. More and more people are convinced they can fly, which could easily become Peter Pandemic. If we keep heading in this direction we’ll go from “Can’t wait to vote in this year’s election” to “Can President Trump really do that?” to “Can’t wait until this year’s Purge”. But it’s not only humans we have to worry about. Turns out even nature is getting into the act:


-In China the bears have revolted, creating a nationwide state of Pandamonium.

-The bovine flu, once only found in cows, has now been found in humans, which officials say could be Cattleclysmic.

-American songbirds are establishing their own social structure that naturalists are describing as an Orioligarchy.

-Even the smallest of creatures are planning Antarchy.

-The organization of smaller mouse species only adds to the Voleatility.

-Farm animals seem to also be affected as sheep have turned against their keepers in what can only be described as Mutinous Mutton.

-Throughout the coast of North America the shore birds are organizing in what could be called a Pelicanspiracy.

-In Africa the animals are organizing differently based on an accumulation of resources beginning with the Giraffluent.

-It has even spread to Australia where officials warn it could become Kangaruinous.



Join us this Friday at Steagles in Melbourne, on Cypress just northwest of US1 & Eau Gallie, from 8 to 12…


And Sunday it’s back to SBI where, weather permitting, we will be playing Oceanside from 1 to 5…

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