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Absolute Blue Invitation 4/29/16 - 4/30/16


Absolute Blue Identifies


We are fortunate to live within a culture that actively acknowledges and embraces those individuals that personally relate to unconventional behavior, outside of societal norms. Be it transgendered, transspecial, translucent or transcendent, society is willing to accept you for the uniqueness of your modified self. And because of all this confusion over which bathroom to use, we, as a leader in outside the litterbox thinking, have decided that during an Absolute Blue performance we will either go outside or hold it, depends. But we would like to take this time to get to know you better, because the more we know about you the more we can create a more vital and relevant product to present to you including tailoring the music and fart jokes to your specific needs. After all, we don’t know enough about Skip and altogether too much about Tom. And the more we know about each other the more ways we can truly connect and ridicule each other. So please take a moment to answer the following:


Which do you identify with Botanically?

___Dutch Elm ___Live Oak ___ Smart Ash ___Crap Myrtle ___Loose Spruce                  

Which do you identify with Tyrannically?

___ Ghengis Kahn ___Ivan the Terrible ___Stalin ___Pol Pot ___Rex

Which do you identify with Judicially?

___Felony ___Misdemeanor ___Statute ___Tort ___Pop Tort

Which do you identify with Mechanically

___Crowbar ___Socket Wrench ___Pneumatic Drill ___Chisel ___Plunger

Which do you identify with Chromatically?

___A ___C# ___Db ___E ___Gmdim7/5

Which do you identify with Dramatically?

___Patrick Swayze ___Sam Elliot ___Robert Duval ___Steve McQueen ___Cher

Which do you identify with Mathematically

___Pi ___Hypotenuse ___Cosine ___Equilateral ___Equiliberal

Which do you identify with Grammatically?

___I ___Me___He ___She___It


And remember we at Absolute Blue take confidentially very seriously and would never share your answers with anyone. Unless it’s really funny.



Join us for the only Absolute Blue performance this weekend, Friday at Tiki Bar in Sebastian from 7 to 11…

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