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Absolute Blue Invitation 6/03/16 - 6/05/16


Absolute Blue Games


Absolute Blue’s Applied Design Sector is proud to announce the beta version of the first ever band based video game, sure to rival Donkey Kong for graphics and Pong for concept. Working titles include Call of Nature, Work of Starcraft and President Evil. At long last we can finally put the Ass in Assassin’s Creed. Our game puts the player through a simulation of an Absolute Blue performance and is broken out into sections. First the player is confronted with a number of obstacles. You must make a halfhearted attempt to show up on time, then select a series of obsolete and non-working pieces and assemble them into a dysfunctional sound system during the Setup phase. Then we move to the Performance where you must dodge groupies and jaeger shots in an attempt to keep several patrons entertained. During Tear Down you will be confronted with the ultimate challenge: To find Tom. And finally it’s the hair raising and suspenseful climax as you Wait For The Check To Clear. Multiple versions are available that run on the most popular platforms, including Atari, Commodore and Nintendo 64…



Our only public performance this weekend is Grind and Grape 8 to 12 Friday. G+G is on Bougainvillea just off Ocean Blvd in beautiful downtown Vero Beach…


And we are making preparations for our June 11 party at Stemz in Suntree. It’s only a week away so make sure you don’t miss this one…

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