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Absolute Blue Invitation 10/14/16 - 10/16/16


Absolute Blue Endures


It was truly a dark and stormy night. While suffering through the Weathering Heights, we put pen to paper, or thumbs to iPhone and documented what is sure to be the most inspiring homage since Frank Key hunkered down in Fort McHenry. Facing death and destruction we persevered to find that only some signs and fences had committed suicide during the proceedings. Behold the motivational outpouring of emotion:


There once was a storm we called Matthew

All channels said it’s coming at you

But a wobble was found

And it didn’t hit ground

To Cantore, Jim we say thank you



We follow a nature induced hiatus with a double shot of The Worst Band You’ll Ever Love beginning Saturday at Malabar Mo’s from 7 to 11..


Then it’s back to Sebastian Beach Inn from 1 to 5 Sunday…

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