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Absolute Blue Invitation 11/17/16 - 11/19/16

Absolute Blue Givesthanking


So it was late and we were about out of options. We had run through just about every place we could think of. What with the tabasco fiasco at Chili’s, the melee at Chick-fil-A, the fling at Burger King, the funkin at Dunkin’, the hassle at White Castle, the scrape at Steak n Shake, the fray at Chipotle and the many rows at Domino’s we couldn’t find a place that would have us for Thanksgiving. We were acting peculiar at the brand new Carl’s Jr, had too many parties at Wendy’s and Hardy’s, crashed the computers at our local Hooters and were unable to get a pardon for that time at Olive Garden. So imagine our surprise when the Yearty’s invited us over, provided we brought a dish to share! We were so thrilled that we penned the following to commemorate the event:


Over the river and with canned goods

To old Billy’s house we go

There’s no way to say what we’ll bring that day

It could be some Twinkies and Ho Ho’s

Might bring some liver through neighborhoods

Where we never thought we’d be

To eat with the few who like Absolute Blue

So it might be just you and me


An early holiday presentation for us as we have just one performance before then, which is this Thursday at The Avenue in Viera, from 6 to 9. We’ll be in the middle of the Quad, conveniently next to World Of Beer…



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