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Absolute Blue Invitation 12/16/16 - 12/17/16


Absolute Blue Nauticalizes


We demand a recount. After all, are we to take someone's word and accept that as the final truth? Enough with the rhetoric, we want proof! I mean, with us on the Naughty list again it rivals Guns 'n Roses current steak. How come Santa gets to make the call? Shouldn’t there be checks and/or balances? Why can’t we be grading on a curve? We see a lot of other bands getting what they want for Christmas. And when does the evaluation period start anyway? We always figured it began on the first of the year so we have a 'free' week after Christmas, kind of like in The Purge. And what about an appeal process? We could put our crack team of lawyers on it, or more appropriately our team of crack lawyers. We put a lot of time and effort to turn things around and through the years we have even gone so far as to document, record and notarize the following to ensure our transition to 'Nice':


-Back on his Navy days, Kevin turned a weeklong furlough into a torrid affair with what is now known as Yuletide Carol. See also New Years Nancy and Arbor Day Annie.

-Skip has donated many slightly worn jeans and classic rock shirts so we believe we have Goodwill Toward Men covered. And some women.

-Bill has perfected his paradiddle which has solidified his current status as Little Drummer Boy of Satellite Beach. Parumpapapa, bitches.

-Don still has his Gay Apparel, mostly leftover from that Halloween we dressed up as the Village People.

-Tom wears clean underwear most of the time.



Yes, as fate would have it, Tom's underwear are in fact notarized.


This weekend we bring you a doubleheader at Keith’s Oyster Bar at Cocoa Beach Pier from 6 to 10 Friday and Saturday…

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