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Absolute Blue Invitation 12/30/16 - 12/31/16


Absolute Blue Reflects


This is the time to reflect on a successful year, made possible only by your support. We survived, intact for the most part, and have enjoyed bringing you the unique and sometimes debilitating musical stylings that have become known as the Absolute Blue Experience. Sure there were some problems along the way, like when Tom had a root canal after the dentist told him he couldn’t handle the tooth. And that time we ran out of beer that became a real brewhaha. Not to mention the many times we worked through the noon hour in an effort we call Failure to Lunch. We had the best year since Skip joined the band, that fateful day when we heard him play Trashman and made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. And during our annual meeting of The Worst Band You’ll Ever Love Inc board and band members, lawyers, strategists, legislators and a couple of Hooters girls, we were able to unanimously approve the following resolutions for 2017:


-Continue the time honored tradition of playing notes and singing words at the same time.

-Remove any partisan politics from the Absolute Blue performance, and lean to the right only after jaeger shots.

-Learn the difference between flammable and inflammable. Also send a thank you note to the Satellite Beach fire department.

-Give appropriate credit to the source of our fart jokes, as they break the wind beneath our wings.

-Prove that a holomorphic function is indeed completely determined by its values on the inherent boundaries, that every non consistent single variable polynomial with complex coefficients has at least one complex root or that Bigfoot exists.


Please join us for a Friday night at Grind and Grape, in Vero Beach, on Bougainvillea just off Ocean Drive, from 9 to 12…


Then Saturday it’s the night you’ve been waiting for at Cocoa Beach Pier. There will be entertainment all night from 3 different bands, with us performing from 9 to 1. Only $35 gets you in the door and all the festivity you can handle…

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