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Absolute Blue Invitation 2/10/17 - 2/12/17


Absolute Blue Telephones


Just phoning it in this week…


-Steve Jobs would have been a better president than Donald Trump. But it’s really not a fair comparison. Like comparing apples to oranges.

-My neighbor knocked on my door at 2:30 this morning! Can you believe that? Luckily for him I was still up playing my bagpipes.

-What do you call 100 rabbits walking backward? A receding hare line.

-If you think your job is meaningless, remember somewhere someone is installing the turn signal on a BMW.

-Just bought the world’s worst thesaurus. Not only is it terrible it’s also terrible.

-For all those Trump haters: China built a wall 2000 years ago and still has no Mexicans.

-My girlfriend admitted to me she used to be Christian. I’ve only known her since she was Christine.

-Give a man a fish and he eats for a day. Teach a Nigerian to phish and he’ll become a prince.

-Women are like hurricanes. They come into your life wild and free then leave with the PATIO FURNITURE WE BOUGHT TOGETHER SARAH YOU BITCH…


Join us for a double header this weekend at Keith’s Oyster Bar at Cocoa Beach Pier from 6 to 10 Friday and Saturday…


Then it’s finally back to the Sandbar in Cocoa Beach, at the end of 520, from 4 to 8 Sunday…

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