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Absolute Blue Invitation 2/24/17 - 2/25/17


Absolute Blue Italicizes


Given the recent policies implemented by our newly forming national government, travel to certain areas is becoming challenging if not entirely problematic. So why take the bother? We at Absolute Blue Inc. propose a series of projects that will allow you the same experience without leaving the confines of our own walled nation. And what better place to start with than the land of true contrast, where they invented not only the Pope but the Mafia as well. Of course I speak of Italy and its richly sordid heritage. Just imagine Carpe Diem at the coliseum or exploring the apocalypse at the acropolis here in your own front yard. Even better, we put a twist on things to make it even better than the original. So get off your Athens and behold the grandeur:


Billan: A new mecca of fashion geared toward the southern gentleman. Includes unique and potentially treasonous wardrobe pieces made of camo and the rebel flag.

Prompei: A high school dance disaster reenacted twice daily. Kinda like Carrie with lava.

Venice-ice-baby: Check out the drainage ditches around Vanilla’s mobile home park.

Subparthenon: Inspired by the actual ruins from some 2500 years ago, but comprised mostly of Styrofoam and leftover toothpicks.

Vatican’t: Features illustrations of the inability of Catholic doctrine to affect change regionally or globally.

Leasing Tower Of Lisa: Actually just a tall woman with bad posture.



Friday finds us back at Malabar Mo’s from 7 to 11…


Then catch us Saturday from 7 to 11 at the Tiki in Sebastian, just south of Main Street on Indian River Drive…


And make plans now for our return to Lou’s Blues March 3rd

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