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Absolute Blue Invitation 6/01/12 - 6/02/12

Absolute Blue Goes Pale

After researching the contemporary novel that is generating such controversy, we have found a similar but completely different adaptation in Fifty Shades of Pale: Anglo Contributions to North American Culture. And while it doesn’t offer the titillating adventures of such Mommy Porn, it does give a unique insight as to the importance of the Anglory both historically and chronologically. After several Google searches, and a failed Bing, we found that there were more than the invention of the ice cream scoop, soap operas and breast implants attributed to the legacy of these trans-Germanic tribes. Among them:

Golf: A long walk wasted.

Deforestation: The efficient means by which once fertile land is rendered barren.

The Manhattan: A perfect bland of vermouth, bitters and whiskey for the nervous executive.

Partisan Politics: A proud tradition that continues to this day.

Muzak: Extracting the soul from music since 1934.

Although it's hard to believe that neither Justin Bieber or Spam made this list, we can still see how culturally adrift we would be if it were not for the influence of these innovative if somewhat bland forefathers...
Friday finds us back at Neptune in Satellite Beach (formerly The Cove) for an evening you won't soon forget from 9 to 1...

Then Saturday from 6 to 10 at The Old Fish House at Treasure Coast Marina in beautiful downtown Grant...

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