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Absolute Blue Invitation 5/25/18 - 5/28/18

Absolute Blue Repeatizes


We have heard from local authorities and due to the cancellation of our only performance last weekend, we are required to resubmit last week’s notice. This may be a local ordinance or a county directive but it’s the law. Perhaps the passage of time will somehow make the content more relevant. Probably not.


Many times in the past The Worst Band You'll Ever Love has been compared to superheroes. Mostly unfavorably, with members called out as Underachiever Dog and Superintendent Man and even past members, as The Flash In The Pan. But sometimes it’s what you don’t do, like holding in that fart during church, not telling someone they’re an asshole or not watching network tv, that makes you truly heroic. We believe in this so strongly that we have made repeated attempts to contact several D list actors and agents, enough to warrant a couple of restraining orders and this thing called a ‘cease a dentist’ order which I guess means Don has to stop taking out his own teeth.  But believe it or not we have been contacted by a top Hollywood producer interested in making a new series of Superhero films. I tell ya, this Harvey Weinstein fella sounds like a real stand up guy. So we have agreed in principle for the following questionable titles, currently in turnaround:


-Byron Man: Skip channels the eighteenth century poet and nobleman, incapacitating heroes and villains alike with his romantic prose.

-Avengers - Kevinfinity War: The Avengers adventures continue, this time in a race to find the Kevinfinity stones. It’s a gripping two hours as they wait for Kevin to pass them.

-Thomassassin’s Creed: Proving that superheroes are made, not Bourne, Tom makes his enemies submit through use of his hurtful words, disturbing sarcasm and devastating ambiguity.

-Captain America - SyBill War: Once shunned for his multiple personality disorder, Bill learns to use these powers to confuse, alienate and neutralize his adversaries.

-Batman v Superman – Don of Justice: Not all heroes wear capes. Or tights. Or underwear.


Join us for a full holiday weekend starting Friday and Saturday at Keith’s Oyster Bar at Cocoa Beach Pier…


Then Sunday it’s our debut at the Tipsy Tiki in Fort Pierce from 4 to 8…


And we finish things up with a Memorial Day bash at Earl’s in Sebastian from 2 to 6…

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