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Absolute Blue Invitation 8/31/18 - 9/03/18

Absolute Blue Interpersonalizes


We are both honored and embarrassed to discover that we have been nominated for a World’s Record. And while we wait for the Guinness officials to verify the category of Most Formal Charges Registered With HR Without A Single Felony Conviction, we would like to thank those responsible, those that cared enough to complain about us. Special thanks go out to NAACP, NCAA, PETA, PITA, ACLU, DCLU, AFL-CIO, NFL-CIO, DOT, DASH, HUD, CHUD, SPUD, TATER, NOW, THEN, ALWAYS, BPOE, EAPOE, C-SPAN, SI-SPANISH, INTERPOL, OUTERPOL, KFC, KofC, NATO, TORNATO, NOAA, NOAH, OPEC, NOPEC, YESPEC, MAYBEPEC, WHO, WHAT, WHERE, IBM, YOUBM, WEALLBM, UPS and DOWNS just to name a few. Most of these stem from the time we combined our new drug awareness program with an integrity based assessment into what we called our Methics training. So in a half-hearted and largely futile effort to avoid future persecution, prosecution or prostitution we agreed to a battery of tests, mostly AA and 9-volt, administered by the Absolute Blue Inc. Division of Human Resources, Wildlife Management and Applied Kinesiology. The results of which may surprise you. Probably not. Either way we’re sure to put the ass in Harassment:


-Don thought Diversity was a small town in the Panhandle.

-Kevin performed so poorly during his session on the dynamics of group interaction he has been enrolled in Nonsensitivity Training.

-Skip signed up for the session hosted in Maine just so he could say he’s going to Bangor Management.

-Bill was warned so many times about the implications of his actions he is now referred to as the Repercussionist.

-Tom was pleased when he heard that his correspondence ranged from Flammatory to Inflammatory. Until he learned that these are equally dreadful.


A couple of private engagements this weekend but still two chances to catch The Worst Band You’ll Ever Love at their absolute best starting Friday at Malabar Mo’s from 7 to 11…


Then Saturday it’s the Sandbar in Cocoa Beach, at the end of 520, from 4 to 8…


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