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Absolute Blue Invitation 4/19/19 - 4/21/19

Absolute Blue Protectorizes


We at Absolute Blue care about your health. Almost as much as ours. We noticed a trend and are alarmed at the number of bands playing unprotected music and want to inform you that this is not the case here. We go out of our way to practice safe music, ensuring you hours of worry free listening. Each and every song us FDA approved and USDA Grade A. We do not use fillers or extenders in any of our material. And feel free to peruse our Halal and Kosher selections, you’ll be sure to Hava good time. Each one of our songs have been cleared through Homeland Security and are guaranteed free from any terrorist ties. And we have spent hours ensuring that they are not for sale on the dark web. We have also worked extensively with state and local officials to ensure that toxicity levels are well within federal guidelines for all the notes we play, even the sharps and flats. But that’s not all:


-Skip is working on a line of music that is Paleo friendly which is fitting as most of our music predates history.

-Don designed a way to infuse gluten into our songs. If that’s good. Or take it out. If that’s better. Either way he’s doing it. Probably.

-Bill found that he could play probiotic based drums. Unfortunately he was on antibiotics at the time so it evened out.

-Kevin was a pioneer in the emerging industry of Genetically Modified Music until it started playing itself and the project had to be destroyed or face charges of crimes against musicality. Which we could all be charged with, turns out.

-Tom did absolutely nothing. Again.



Join us for a huge Easter weekend that finds us at two new venues. First off is Sunset Cafe in Cocoa Beach, on 520 just west of A1A on the river, from 5 to 10 Friday…


Then Saturday it’s back to Squidlips in Melbourne from 7 to 11…


And Sunday we’re at Island Time Marina, again in Cocoa Beach on 520, just west of A1A from 3 to 7…

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