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Absolute Blue Invitation - 10/18/19 - 10/19/19

Absolute Blue Elegizes


‘Twas the night ‘fore All Hallows and all through the bar,

The horn dogs weren’t drinking like they usually are.

I asked as they sat all alone on their stools,

“Why are you sitting there looking like fools?”

“There’s no beer!”, cried Don, while Kevin just wept,

And pointed to shelves where the beer’s usually kept.

No bottles of Molson, no cans of Red Stripe,

No half drunken bottles of Michelob Light.

No Konas, no Buschs and no Funky Buddha,

No autumnal ales that go well with smoked gouda.

No Guinness, no Blue Moon, no pale ale in growlers.

We’ve been here just waiting, it’s been several hours.

Then from the back room there arose such a clatter,

I jumped up but thought, without beer does it matter?

Then who should appear but a man with a dolly,

And on it were Yuenglings and girls from St Pauli,

Some Stellas, Dos Equis, Milwaukee s Best Ice,

(They’re tough to choke down but you can’t beat the price).

“Thanks!” we all said as we reached for our glasses

And filled them with bock and stouts thick as molasses.

We filled them with pilsners and cold IPA’s,

With luke warm malt liquor we could drink for days.

He winked and he said as he left for the night,

“Happy All Hallows y’all, and to all a good fright…”


Join us for a special Cancer Awareness benefit at the Palm Bay Eagles, 2570 Palm Bay Road, from 7:30 to 10:30 Saturday…


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