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Absolute Blue Invitation 11/08/19 - 11/09/19

Absolute Blue Airlinizes


We are often asked why we don’t play more far reaching and exotic locations such as Deland or Yeehaw Junction. Our response is normally that we stay local by design, in an effort to keep it real with our good friends and family. But this is only partly true. And since the investigative branch of the Ladies Home Journal blows the lid off the story in their upcoming issue, we finally come clean. Due to a number of international and domestic incidents, we have all at one time or another been restricted to certain types of travel. Turns out it’s relatively easy to get on the No Fly list, but some of us have overachieved in this capacity and wound up on the No Fly, Sail, Rail, Canoe and Do Not Swim list. Still not sure about that last one but it may have to do with that time Don attempted to use Kevin as a floatation device. And remember, when we talk about air travel there are pros and contrails. There are those that believe that there is an overreaching government conspiracy to use chemicals to sedate and control us and those that are wrong. In any case, a synopsis of our travel woes:


-Tom tried to use his wayward son as a carry on. Spirit was not amused.

-Turns out Kevin’s personal item was a little too personal as a quick stop at Fairvilla Outlet before takeoff resulted in a confiscation of multiple battery operated marital aids.

-Bill insisted he sit over the right wing.

-When describing the clarity of his new iPhone, Skip referred to the new, clear device prompting multiple body cavity searches.

-Don tried to board with a 2X4.


Join us for a very special Saturday afternoon at the Uptown Art and Cuisine Festival at The Avenue in Viera, where we will be playing 4:30 to 7:30…


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