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Absolute Blue Invitation 11/22/19 - 11/23/19

Absolute Blue Travelizes


Despite our recently disclosed and internationally documented travel quandaries, there was a time when The Worst Band You’ll Ever Love called exotic and far flung locales home. From Kevin’s extensive military tours to Tom’s attempt to elude authorities through a series of EU nations, we have left an indelible mark on many a foreign city. You could say we put the rock in Morocco. Or the bull in Bolivia. Or the dumb ass in Damascus. But Syriasly we could go Lebanon and on. Most of the band did love Haiti and Oregon, less Mauritania, but me, Utah. Like anywhere else, in time we were asked to leave, so we had to say goodbye to Dubai, farewell to Seychelles, adieu to Peru, ciao to Macau and hasta la vista to the Sandinista. A few of our international highlights:


-Skip, after house arrest in Budapest, had so many problems getting into Nepal, he wound up in Cantmandu.

-Don visited all the pubs in Dublin and thinks he remembers when Tunisia was just one. Or maybe that was Amnesia.

-Tom was traveling in Southeast Asia where the busking community thrives, however was cited, convicted and barely escaped jailtime for Singing Poor in Singapore.

-Kevin’s dream of visiting the Netherlands turned into such a nightmare that he has vowed never to return to Godamsterdam.

-During Bill’s getaway to Uruguay he took a wrong turn and wound up in Decatur, just north of the equator.


Join us for a Saturday night at Sandbar in Cocoa Beach, at the end of 520, from 9 to 1…

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