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Absolute Blue Invitation - 12/20/19 - 12/21/19

Absolute Blue Holidizes


‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the House, not a creature was stirring not even a mouse.

But then in the Senate I thought I saw there, a mythical creature, the one with orange hair.

I looked a bit closer and saw all the Trumps, but something was wrong, they seemed down in the dumps.

Before them lay piles of old candy bars, some Three Musketeers, M&M’s and some Mars.

He spoke as he casually reached for the sweets. “Don’t they read my postings, don’t they read my tweets?”

“It should have been me on the front page of Time, not some little girl, that cover was mine.”

“My talking is perfect, my brain, well, it’s brilliant. Have you ever met someone that’s quite so resilient?”

“Yes it’s the movies, where she should have been, while I make America great once again.”

Then Nancy Pelosi came on the TV. He jumped into action, at first startling me.

“On Rudy, on Lindsey, on Orrin and Mitch. On Devin, on Ronny (that son of a bitch).”

“They think that we’ll take this while sitting? As if! I’ll tweet my response, I don’t give a Schiff.”

And then I could see he was not so much bitter, when constantly ranting and raving on Twitter.

With things back to normal I slipped out the back and headed for what should be some fries and Big Mac.

And then as I left, he said with a scoff “Merry Christmas non Trumpers, and then just eff off.”



Join us for a Saturday at Sunset Waterfront Grill in Cocoa Beach, on 520 at the river, from 5 to 10…

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