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Absolute Blue Invitation 1/24/20 - 1/25/20

Absolute Blue Fablizes


Once upon a time there was a bass player that loved to jam out to his favorite Flea and Jaco licks.

“I play the bass. It’s thumpy!” Tom would say, usually to no one. But something was wrong. He was lonely.

“If only I had a band to play with.” He heard tell of a place where players could be found, the Forest of Lost Musicians. So, he packed up and headed into the woods.

He soon discovered he was lost, but then heard a tapping sound. As he got closer, he saw that someone was making these noises.

“What’s your name? Would you like to play in my band?”

“I’m Bill. I play the drums. They’re bangy!” And together they walked deeper into the forest while Bill explained the importance of paradiddles and current Republican rhetoric.

After many hours they heard the strangest sounds, like the sound of one or both ends of a buffalo, then another like the sound of several marsupials in pain.

“What’s your name? Would you like to play in my band?”

“Don and Kevin”, said Don.

“Kevin and Don”, said Kevin. “We play horns. They’re screechy!” And the four walked deeper into the woods while Don and Kevin tried to convince the others that the horn sounds were not scary.

Before long they heard yet another sound they’d never heard before and saw someone playing a box with several strings. It was a wonderful twangy sound.

“What’s your name? Would you like to play in my band?”

“What’s it pay?”, asked Skip.

 And then dozens of lawyers and accountants appeared from the trees and proceeded to hammer out a tentative contract covering merchandising, mechanical rights and residuals.


That’s the story of Absolute Blue: The Thumpy, Bangy, Screechy, Twangy Band.

And they play the same songs to this very day...


Join us for the only public appearance this weekend, Friday at Sunset Waterfront Grill in Cocoa Beach, on 520 at the river, from 5 to 10…


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