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Absolute Blue Invitation 4/06/12-4/07/12

Absolute Blue Apologizes...Again

We would like to take this opportunity to apologize for portions of last week's invitation. We unwittingly purchased a language translation application that was touted to be able to accept text from a variety of platforms and intepret this into a number of different languages including Meruvian, Mandalorian and Nadsat with the goal of providing you with a fresh and unique way of delivering our weekly message. Imagine our surprise when instead of a carefully crafted notification presented to you in Klingon, we wound up with a grammatically incorrect message in Romulan. And not even the Low Rihan dialect. Needless to say we have logged a formal complaint against the manufacturer and have stopped payment on the check...

In other similar but unrelated news we are still attempting to regain control of our twitter account but as yet we have been unable to presumably due to the fact that we have little if any idea what the hell we are doing. We have tried a number of strategies such as Please, Pretty Please, followed by begging but to no avail. It has been so long since we have twittered and/or tweeted any number of mind numbing and inconsequential tidbits that we fear we have forgotten how to pester you with arcane thoughts, but no worries. We'll be up and abusing our privileges in no time...

Until then we will see you at Lou's Blues this Friday from 9:30 to 1:30...

Then Saturday it's back to The Old Fish House at Treasure Coast Marina in downtown Grant from 6 to 10...

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