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Absolute Blue Invitation 9/07/18 - 9/08/18

Absolute Blue Matures


Let’s face it. While we’re not getting much older, were also not getting any younger. And with this condition comes a number of ailments. We don’t know what’s worse, the issues Tom has with incontinence or bladder control, depends. Don was asked to surrender his hearing aids and handed over 2 hand grenades. And we’ve all but given up on counting Skip’s liver spots. But we’ve found a new drug that has cured everything from Kevin’s lumbago to Bill’s fear of intimacy. It’s brand new to the market and we were lucky enough to be included in the original clinical trials. It’s called PlaCeBo, and if our luck holds out, we just may be their newest spokesmen. Where we’ll say such informative things as “Don’t take PCB if you’re allergic to PCB” or “Don’t take PCB if you don’t have any PCB” or even “Don’t take PCB if you’ve never heard of PCB.” And with other high profile and personally marketed brands such as Frednisone or Damnbien, for Tourette’s sufferers with insomnia, it’s time we get in on some of this pharmaceutical action.


-Kevicillan: For a broad range of infections, including one that starts with an S...

-Skipitor: This statin is more than an island. Side effects include random juggling.

-OxycoDon: A powerful analgesic that actually replaces the pain with guilt. A kosher version is also available.

-Billium: A generic version of Conservatrillium guaranteed to make a Republican of even the staunchest Libertarian in large enough doses.

-Tomezepam: A powerful but strangely offensive sedative. Side effects include believing you are actually Tom and the resultant suicidal ideation.


Please join us this weekend as we obviously take next weekend off due to the huge sale at Bed, Bath and Beyond...


Friday we return to the Tiki in Sebastian from 7 to 11...


Then Saturday it’s all the way down to the Tipsy Tiki in Fort Pierce from 7 to 11...

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