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Absolute Blue Invitation 1/04/19 - 1/05/19

Absolute Blue Postholidizes


Now that the holiday season is behind us, we feel a sense of emptiness as the parties, celebrations and festivities are over. It’s like a mourning that lasts all afternoon and evening. As we take time to ponder the true meaning of a week and a half after Christmas, it’s time to say goodbye to Ebenezer and the Christmas ghosts, the Grinch and the people of Whoville, George Bailey and Mr. Potter and hopefully Flo from Progressive and Jake from State Farm. But it’s also time to review what we’ve accomplished over the past year, to take stock. Or bonds. Or a nicely managed mutual fund. Since 2018 will always be remembered as the year we leveraged our retirement fund in bitcoin futures, we look forward to continuing our struggle for legitimacy in the coming year, which we understand to be much better than the opposite. So we hereby bring you our extremely acceptable 2019 New Year’s Resolutions:


-Tom: For 2019 I resolve to be more tolerant and consider all viewpoints when making decisions, consider a guiding paradigm to self-betterment and value the many and varied opinions and thoughts of others no matter what their political, social, economic, gender or spiritual beliefs. Except musicians.

-Skip: My New Year’s Revolution will be against the fascist, tyrannical overseers of social media who repeatedly thwart my attempts to post plans to use my considerable mind control powers to thwart terrorism and crush beer cans.

-Bill: I will be revolving counterclockwise, as always.

-Kevin: I will be resolving math problems that were previously solved.

-Don: I’m surprised to hear of Bluebeard’s Absolution as I understood him to be a most barbaric pirate.


Join us this Friday to officially honor the end of the holidays in our very first Falalalapalooza at Monkey Bar in Indialantic from 8 to 12…

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