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Absolute Blue Invitation 2/08/19 - 2/10/19

Absolute Blue Bowlerizes


Some would have you believe that we were witness to the worst SuperBowl game ever, with a total of 14 combined punts, compared to one last year. But what of us that are obsessed with the thrill of the punt? After all, it’s the most mysterious play in the game. Will it be blocked? Will it be caught? Will it bounce? Which way? So much drama! And don’t forget that for centuries those Europeans have ridiculed us as they say the game we call football actual refers to neither. They refer to it as ‘handegg’. So bringing back the punt is a brilliant political move. And as far as a subpar performance overall, don’t be fooled. This is actually an excellent marketing strategy, fully preparing us for what is sure to be dismal athletic presentation of the new Alliance of American Football, debuting next month and the reintroduction of the Orlando Predators to the National Arena League next year. And regarding the halftime show, we embarrassingly enough thought Maroon 5 was a band but turns out that this was an eschewing of gender norms and Mr. 5 is to be commended for performing the first halftime strip tease. As we close out this season we wrap things up with some little-known facts about what we witnessed last Sunday:


-Spongebob now has more Super bowl appearances than the Detroit Lions.

-Goodell considered adding women referees to the game, which would have been great until they threw a flag for something that happened three weeks ago.

-Much was made of the baring of skin during the halftime show and the gender implications of such. When it actually comes down to simple math; nipples should be presented in matched pairs instead of singularly.

-The name of the championship game actually came from a truly magnificent bird.

-Both teams played like the winner had to go to the White House.



Join us for a Sunday afternoon at Sandbar in Cocoa Beach, at the end of 520, from 4 to 8…

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