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Absolute Blue Invitation 07/05/19 - 07/07/19

Absolute Blue Vocabilizes


We have always been intrigued with the evolution of language and the introduction of words and phrases into our collective lexicon. How is it that ‘where’s the beef’ or ‘shart’ make the leap from local colloquialisms into our day to day vocabulary? Is it marketing strategy or sheer random chance? In days past we have had storytellers that drew crowds around communal fires. Now all we have is PBS and individual microwaves. We at The Worst Band You’ll Ever Love want to leave our collective mark upon our native tongue and allow future generations to more accurately describe their dismal fast food experience or the results of an attempted fart. And now that we have tools such as Facebook, Instagram and PornHub, this becomes easier than ever before. So feel free to insert any of the following into daily conversations, just be sure to leave a sizable donation via tip jar, paypal or bitcoin:


-Billogical: Contradictory, lacking in candor, devoid of responsibility. His test results were billogical. See also Republican.

-Donsense: Fantastical allegory in a perjurative context. His test results were donsensical.

-Skipperific: Simultaneously optimistic and unapologetically futile. His test results were skipperific.

-Tominous: Prolifically vague with underlying arrogance bordering on apathy. His test results were tominous.

-Keverlasting: Eternally indiscriminate, perpetually indiscreet or habitually nonexistent. His test results were keverlasting.



Please join us for a Sunday afternoon at Malabar Mo’s from 4 to 8…

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