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Absolute Blue Invitation - 9/27/19 - 9/28/19

Absolute Blue Politicizes


We interrupt our usual weekly distribution of nonsense as we stand at an historic point in time. It’s important that we take this opportunity to acknowledge the fact that these unprecedented events that are now unfolding could have lasting impact on future generations and shake the very foundation of our political system. Under the emergency protocol defined within the Absolute Blue charter we have invoked the Worst Band You’ll Ever Love Think Tank to try and make sense of it all. Our findings to date:


-Skip: What should be a judicious matter is now holding court in public opinion, potentially serving as undermining factors as social media weighs in even before testimony is given.

-Bill: We must realize as we move forward that the effort and resources dedicated to this investigation may well serve only to distract us from the issues at hand and if this is found to be the case those responsible should and will be held accountable.

-Don: These oaths are not to be taken lightly and we owe it to all who have served in any capacity, from our forefathers to present time, to adhere to these sacred tenets of our constitution.

-Kevin: We cannot underestimate what is at stake here. As the world anxiously awaits with great scrutiny our response to these proceedings we must take care to ensure propriety or risk what is already a precipitous position in the court of global opinion.

-Tom: I like bacon.


It’s finally time for our debut at the NEW Whiskey Beach, formerly The Cove in Satellite Beach, just south of ABC, Saturday from 8 to 12…

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