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Absolute Blue Invitation 7/01/16 - 7/03/16


Absolute Blue Leaves


Those Europe guys! First it was the Luxembourg referendum, then the Icelandic edict and now this. Still, one must marvel at the efficiency of British politics. It took just a matter of hours to renege on an array of campaign promises, where it takes us 4, or in some cases 8, years. It has inspired us to form our own party, complete with empty rhetoric and outright lies. Something we call Blexit, which calls for our removal from the musicians union. Sure, we’re not technically ‘musicians’ and what we play isn’t actually considered ‘music’, we still have had it with the tyranny of having our rights protected and the oppressive guaranteed wages. We long to have the freedom to be exploited and abused, as so many have before us. It is with this in mind that we outline our party platform:


-We will control our borders: no more random musicians invading the band and partaking of our warm Old Milwaukee Light with one hand and the other in the tip jar. Except for Rene. Rene’s cool.

-We will use the funds previously allocated for union dues and fully fund and staff a Hospital for the Musically Insane, provided we are eligible for early admission.

-We will take back our economy, assuming there is an ongoing market for mediocre music played mediocrely by a bunch of old farts.

-We will still have the right to fair trade with other bands for goods and services with jaeger and twizzlers still being the currency of choice.

-We will have our own Donald ramble on about offensive and illogical topics full of overt unsubstantiations, pretty much like any other weekend.

-Strippers. Strippers for all.


It is imperatively critical that you join us this Sunday, from 6 to 10 at Keith’s Oyster Bar at Cocoa Beach Pier, as this will be our last performance before taking some well needed vacation…

NOTE: Please see for our schedule. We are having problems with the AB calendar here...

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