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Absolute Blue Invitation 7/22/16 - 7/24/16

Absolute Blue Analyzes


Our recently encountered time off provided ample opportunity for reflection and contemplation regarding our respective place in Gestaltist theory or Wundt structuralism. We have come to the conclusion that the innate consciousness of the Absolute Blue collective represents a substantially different generation of whole forms independent of the deconstructive elements of its inherent parts. Therefore, it’s true that Absolute Blue has the same hopes and dreams as any other band. In his spare time Kevin is a freelance toll taker fulfilling his dream of populating a small enclosed area and having people throw money at him. Don is completing an interpretive dance routine based on the life of Hacksaw Jim Duggan. While heartbroken that he was not chosen as a running mate, due to his extensive campaign donations Bill is even now making plans to become the first ever Associate Deputy Undersecretary at Large for the Department of Lawn Maintenance, Hedge Trimming and Tree Pruning for President Trump’s second term. Skip learned that Pokemon did not necessarily refer to his Jamaican proctologist. And Tom stayed out of jail. And while these are only long term goals, one need only look at the achievements during our recent hiatus to see we are on track:


-Kevin expanded his culinary offerings by creating new liquor and cheese combinations beginning with the much heralded Havarti and Bacardi.

-Don bought a Radio Flyer in an attempt to create a true band wagon.

-Skip completed his training in mortuary sciences, which turned out to be a huge undertaking.

-Tom created a new Chinese dish for extreme eaters that he calls the SuperHunan.   

-Bill patented a virulent form of mold that goes by the name of Billdew. Which is also the name of his project list.


Join us for a triumphant return to action at Monkey Bar in Indialantic, across from Paradise Beach from 9:30 to 1:30 Friday…


Saturday it’s a return to Keith’s Oyster Bar at Cocoa Beach Pier from 6 to 10…



Sunday please join us for a special event at Millikens at the Port. It’s the United We Stand benefit for Orlando victims. It starts at 2:00 with Cover Story and ends with us at 7:00. Make sure you get out to support this great cause…

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