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Absolute Blue Invitation 7/29/16 - 7/30/16


Absolute Blue Pokes


In response to recent developments in the gaming industry, the newly formed Gaming and Sedentary Activities division of Absolute Blue Inc has announced its inaugural product. Based on the new sensation that is sweeping the globe, we are pleased to bring to you Pokedon GO. We sneak into your house and hide our trumpet player in such places as the linen closet and dishwasher. The fun begins when looking for Don, then finding him in the most unusual places. Once found he can be captured by hurling balls at him with extra points given for nailing him in the head and double points for a groin shot (Caution: upon waiting for hours or days to be found there may be some cleanup required for your Pokedon, depends). Once caught he can be yours forever (not recommended) or can be traded for a variety of items such as a paper clip or bendable straw. With enough XP you can even evolve your Pokedon to a higher level character, the Donosaur, and have him do battle against other bands to prove who is Pokedon master. But this it only the beginning. Other Pokedon characters are planned:


Skipachu: Land based: Mostly found in rural locations: Most damage done through Facebook or other social media outlets.

Kevuna: Water based: Mostly found in schools: Can only be captured by using the Mary Kay ball (no chain).

Billiwag: Grass based: Mostly found watching Bill O’Reilly: Highly politically charged: Most damage done during next election.

Thomos: Jaeger based: Mostly found on floors and barstools and most probably rabid. Most damage done to itself.



Join us this Friday at the Tiki in Sebastian from 7 to 11…


Then Saturday it’s back to Siggy’s in Palm Bat from 9:30 to 1:30…

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