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Absolute Blue Invitation 5/18/12-5/20/12

Absolute Blue In Jeopardy

After clearing pending litigation on a local, state and national level, we can now disclose that we are in final negotiations to become a candidate for the Has Been division of the backup ranks for the stand by position of the new Jeopardy spin off that pits unknown, preknown or postknown bands in a contest of wits in a variety of arcane or simply unnecessary subjects. And considering an aging Menudo and Right Said Fred (deceased) are in our division, we like our chances. Fortunately Dexys Midnight Runners were taken out along with their meth lab and both Pet Shop Boys failed their drug tests (by showing negative). Should we be chosen from our preliminary group, all it would take is a series of unfortunate accidents, homicides or natural disasters and we're in. To prepare, we have put together the following sample of our study guide:

Eeyore's version of a George Thorogood classic: What is Sad To The Bone.
Rotting flesh for the prodigal star: What is Carrion My Wayward Sun.
A carefree drapery: What is Bohemian Tapestry.
VeggiTales version of 'Hair' theme song: What is Asparagus.
Romney's version of late Beatles hit: What is Let Mitt Be.

So as you see, we've got our work cut out for us. In the meantime please join us for a healthy dose of The Worst Band You’ll Ever Love this Friday at the Old Fish House at the Treasure Coast Marina in Grant from 6 to 10…

Saturday we tend to a private event, but Sunday 2 to 6 you’ll find us at Sebastian Beach Inn…

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