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Absolute Blue Invitation 11/04/16 - 11/06/16


Absolute Blue Politicizes


This week we take on the subject that everyone’s talking about. But it will be the last time we mention this again. At least until next week. Of course we speak of the historical event that is imminent and will affect us all for years to come. But we have heard so much about it we don’t know what to think, resulting in what in only be called electile dysfunction. There are tuition hikes for the Electoral College. There is even an effort to redistrict farm land known as Dairymandering. Even the Jewish faithful have agreed in part to be rabbipartisan. The NRA is counting on the bullet ballot for their support which really puts the pain in campaign. It's not only a lame duck it's the same duck, when what we’re really looking for is a caucus that will rock us. Once again it’s the consistent constituency against the redundant incumbent. There is so much negativity between the participants that we call them Can’tidates. I mean, there is so much emphasis on the Poles, but what about the Lithuanians and Czechoslovakians? So say we as the infuriated unaffiliated…


This week we can be found at Squid Lips in Melbourne from 7 to 11 Friday…


Then Saturday, we take the stage at Siggy’s in Palm Bay from 9:30 to 1:30….

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