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Absolute Blue Invitation 5/25/12-5/27/12

Absolute Blue's Non Secular Non Sequiturs

We at Absolute Blue have not been watching with great concern some recent ecclesiastical revelations, and we're not just talking about the Catholics this time. But rather than shy away from controversy like most bands, The Worst Band You’ll Ever Love jumps kneedeep in the hoopla regarding recent changes to church doctrine. Many denominations, including Methodist, Presbyterian, hell, even Episcopalian have each changed in their approach to transgendered, ungendered, disgendered, neutered or spayed Congregationalists. In an attempt to keep up with all these different changes, we have compiled, assembled and otherwise accumulated the most comprehensive list of challenges to apostolic attitudes currently available. Relax and peruse the following:

Many groups of like-minded parishioners are creating Consensual Sects.

Some larger collections of theologically based members are forming Group Sects.

Musically minded members are considering generating what is known as Aural Sects.

Several radical extremists have shown interest in organizing Hard Core Sects.

A few self-restraint groups have also formed, called Abstinence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder.

And we will continue to remain ever vigilant in this effort to bring you the latest developments as they occur, as further evidence is presented or like so many times before, we just make them up...

We start things off this weekend with a Friday night at Crossroads in Palm Bay from 9 to 1...

Then Saturday we move it down south to Good Times West in Port St Lucie from 9 to 1. It's located just east of exit 121 on Courtyard Circle. Call 772.878.8844 for more info...

And Sunday from 2 to 6 it's Coconuts in Cocoa Beach...

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