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Absolute Blue Invitation 1/06/17 - 1/08/17


Absolute Blue Hams


We at Absolute Blue once again have our finger on the pulse of America. Or at least we are in the same room as the machine that monitors the pulse of America. In any case, we’re in there somewhere. As a result, we have become aware of a phenomenon that we thought involved Zorro the Gay Blade, but turns out to be the story of our founding fathers rapping about the birth of our nation. Or at least the raising of it through its formative years. And now we see a generation of youth that paid no attention in school, suddenly interested in American History. Tupac would be so proud. Or maybe pissed, not sure. So we have developed our own ill-conceived and poorly executed production called Burr. It chronicles Raymond’s career starting with Gojira, through the rise of Perry Mason culminating in the enigmatic Ironside. And should that fail we have more projects in development and/or turnaround:


-Madison: Follows Dolly’s products starting with Zingers through the disaster that was Snowballs to the triumph of the Twinkie.

-Jackson: The story of how the MF snakes got on the MF plane.

-Jefferson: Documents George’s journey from a minor character in All In the Family to his own sitcom.

-Washington: Featuring the early years, culminating in the rise of the star that is Denzel.

-Adams: Telling the tale of Samuel’s best, featuring Boston Lager, Octoberfest and Harvest Pumpkin Ale.

-Hancock: Will Smith explains the ill-advised superhero fiasco.

-Harrison: Ford, obviously.



Join us for post-holiday Friday night at Grind and Grape in Vero Beach, on Bougainvillea just off Ocean Drive, from 9 to 12…


The Sunday it’s back to Malabar Mo’s from 4 to 8…

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