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Absolute Blue Invitation 2/03/17 - 2/04/17


Absolute Blue Motivates


We take great inspiration in the fact that a band can influence an administration to such a degree and applaud Pink Floyd for their efforts. We feel privileged to live in a country where a band can make a difference, where a simple musical organization from Satellite Beach can affect change. This time perhaps for the better. And we’re not talking about something frivolous. We have our sights set on something on a national scale. Like bringing back the McRib, making Nancy Grace relevant or ensuring that every American regardless of race, gender or belief system receives the same Bed, Bath and Beyond coupon for 40% off one regularly priced item, not to be used in combination with other offers, that does not apply to sales tax and is subject to availability. But wait, there’s more:


-Don put together a plan he likes to call Odonacare, which has a considerably scaled back budget but does provide each US citizen with a bottle of jack and a tourniquet.

-Kevin has plans for yet another wall, this time on the Canadian border not so much to keep them out but to keep us in as we are continually tempted by their promises of unlimited maple syrup, socialized health care and parka clad women.

-Skip proposes more immigration control, this time aimed at the radicalized Episcopalians with their fancy Sunday hats, exceptional manners and outstanding potlucks.

-Tom has once and for all proven that Global Warming is a myth, demonstrating that any truth can be renounced by simply disregarding facts. He was also able to use the reverse logic to prove there is a Santa Clause and dogs cannot look up.

-And Bill, for all his GOP support over the years, has been finally granted a position in the new cabinet. Look for him in the kitchen next to the Spaghettios.


Join us for our single event this weekend, Friday from 9 to 12 at Grind and Grape, On Bougainvillea, just off Ocean Blvd in Vero Beach…

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