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Absolute Blue Invitation 3/17/17 - 3/18/17


Absolute Blue Bracketizes


We know. We’ve been there. When all is right with the world. The future is wide open and anything is possible. You feel good about where you are, about how things are going. Then 30 minutes later you sit alone in the dark wondering what happened. Your last trip to Golden Corral? Maybe. The last in a long string of first dates? Probably. Election night? Absolutely. But this is the time of year we start talking about our tournament picks, or as it become known, our Frack It Bracket. Sure, prior years have left us emotionally scarred, spiritually drained and psychologically traumatized, but it doesn’t have to be the case this year. As an added service to our exceedingly average musical abilities, Absolute Blue Inc. brings you the latest analysis of all 75 March Madness games, 31 NIT games as well as the 3 other teams not participating in the post season, left to ponder their transgressions personally and professionally. So we unleash the full power of our observations, insight and historical examination of both tournament tough teams as well as cinderellas, because if there’s one thing we know, it’s our Disney princesses. Behold our selections:


-Bill: Florida State: Rating: 88.67 P: 88.87 GM: 88.32 R: 88.25: Chosen not so much for their speed and transition game as their second consecutive week without a felony conviction.

-Skip: Gonzaga: Rating: 94.62 P: 94.69 GM: 94.47 R: 94.53: Their single regular season loss and impressive bench contribution make them a solid pick, but Skip insists they will win it all based on the quality of their mascot.

-Don: Villanova: Rating: 93.93 P: 93.67 GM: 94.36 R: 94.60: Sure their strength is their 3 point shooting but Don prefers them based on their cheerleaders. Even the girls.

-Kevin: North Carolina: Rating: 93.32 P: 93.66 GM: 92.79 R: 92.38: Granted their fearsome frontline rebounding generates more shots than any other team, but Kevin was sold when he found that their free throws were actually valued at over $5 a shot.

-Tom: West Virginia: Rating: 92.84 P: 93.13 GM: 92.38 R: 92.05: Even with more forced turnovers per possession than any team in college hoops, we still had to remind him that they are limited to only 5 players. At a time.


Friday night we invade Siggy’s in Palm Bay from 9:30 to 1:30…


And Saturday come on out to Coconuts in Cocoa Beach from 7 to 11…

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