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Absolute Blue Invitation 4/07/17 - 4/09/17

 Absolute Blue Surgerizes

 In the spirit of transparency and against the wishes of legal counsel, like that time Tom was bitten by that dog and the poor puppy had to go through rabies shots, or when we were convinced Bill was pregnant, or when our guitarist contacted what is now known as Skiphlis, or when Don gave blood and they gave it back, or when Rene’s x-rays came back x-rated, we would like to announce that one of the members of The Worst Band You’ll Ever Love is having some work done. Just imagine, Bill may return with that finely sculpted butt he has always dreamed of, Tom might get that wart removed and Don may come back as Donna. The possibilities are endless! Unfortunately under the Hungry Hungry HIPAA act we cannot divulge the specific details of any employee’s medical history. So we have determined a Clue-like way to guess who, what, where and how this procedure was performed. Choose your favorite:


____Don, with a surgical grade scalpel, in a hospital, curing his rotator cuff.

____Bill, with Nancy Gray, on tv, curing his rampant conservatism.

____Tom, with a series of electric shock treatments, in a dirty alley, curing his ongoing hysteria.

____Skip, with a series of blue pills, taken orally, curing his electile dysfunction.

____Kevin, with a half-gallon of botox, administered in a soiled Motel 6 bed, curing his Thin Lip Syndrome.


Join us for a Friday night down south in Vero, at Grind and Grape, on Bougainvillea, just off Ocean Blvd beachside, from 9 to 12…


The Saturday it’s an afternoon at Sand Bar in Cocoa Beach, at the end of 520, from 4 to 8…


And then our return to The Old Fish House in Grant, for the Blessing of the Fleet, Sunday from 2 to 6…

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