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Absolute Blue Invitation 8/04/17 - 8/05/17


Absolute Blue Personnelizes


It’s time to jump directly into the most recent political furor. No, not the firing of the Communications Director before even starting his job. Although you cannot deny the brilliance of that move. If we had been able to anticipate the antics of our existing members we would have a completely different lineup, guaranteed. No, we are speaking of the specific group born one way but desperately needing to be something else, kind of like Republicans. Call them transgendered, Francegendered or Rosencrantzgendered, our goal is to put together a strategy based on gender affiliation, orientation or identification that would apply to the entire Absolute Blue Inc. family, its many subsidiaries and those that support our unique brand of goods and services. A comprehensive plan that could be used as a model for other corporations or world governments. The only requirement is that you provide your own facilities, be it a Port-O-Let or bucket, depends.


-Transvestites accepted with strict limitations. Must be able to prove original gender and must be able to accessorize.

-Hermaphrodites, once ostracized for their inability to commit, are now approved due to Don’s unwavering support.

-Cross dressing is permissible if not encouraged, as is dressing as other religious symbols, such as a star or crescent. Swastikas need not apply.

-We should not forget about the polygamists, as not only the Sister Wives, but Brother Husbands as well are allowed. Please, no Uncle Daughters or Aunt Sons.


Join us this Friday in Sebastian as we take on the Tiki Bar from 7 to 11…


Then Saturday it’s Millikens at the Port from 5 to 10…

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