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Absolute Blue Invitation 8/18/17 - 8/20/17


Absolute Blue Postivizes


We have long been exploring operant conditioning and from the very start realized that the Absolute Blue product was more than the sum of the 5 guys playing their instruments. In strict Gestalist theory this can be described many ways, but our recent emphasis has been on the Strength of Affirmative Pondering, as the Power of Positive Thinking was already taken. This has proven to have great theoretical implications, as evidenced in our most recent clinical trials which focused positive energy toward a common goal and saw us through a potentially devastating medical event, delayed nuclear war for at least another week and ensured a favorable Taylor Swift verdict. Our Marketing Division is already making plans to package and monetize the endeavor to make up for severely lagging third quarter revenue. But we have been advised by the FDA that we need at least one more round of testing that will include, in order of importance, the following initiatives:


-That partisan politics should be set aside for the greater good or our nation and hate should give way to tolerance.

-Getting lawmakers to agree on a comprehensive and affordable health care program.

-That the eclipse will not bring about a cataclysmic chain of events and ultimately the end of the world.

-That global warming turns out to be a myth, caused by a miscalculation when converting Fahrenheit to Celsius. Or Centigrade. Or Kelvin. Whatever.

-Ensuring Sharknado 6 never ever happens.

-Bringing back the McRib.


This weekend finds us at Grand and Grape Friday from 9 to 12. It’s beachside in beautiful downtown Vero Beach, on Bougainville, just off Ocean Blvd.


Saturday it’s a highly unusual afternoon at Sandbar in Cocoa Beach, at the end of 520, from 4 to 8…


And wrapping things up is a Sunday afternoon at Millikens at the Port from 2 to 7…

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