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Absolute Blue Invitation 9/22/17 - 9/24/17


Absolute Blue Animizes


As we breathe a collectively sigh of relief, knowing we have literally weathered the storm with, for the most part, little damage, we tend to forget about our faithful friends without which life would be considerably less joyful. Those dogs and cats and birds and stinky ferrets that, during evacuations, were abandoned, got lost or simply took the opportunity to make a clean getaway. And while many shelters are currently at capacity the time is now to get the word out that these loving animals are in dire need of a loving home, a caring family or just a place to crash now and again. And while efforts are being made to communicate the extent of the issue, what we feel is missing is a more personalized approach. Which is why we took the time to get to know some of these personally and put together a detailed list of not only their names and species but their goals and motivations. Kind of like an interspecies Behold the following sampling:


-Jimmy:  Dyslexic, Toy Dog: Thinks he’s God, but mostly just looking for someone willing to follow him and pick up his poop. But then again wouldn’t we all. Really puts the shit in Shih Tsu.

-Roger: Bipolar, Gold Breasted Macaw: Bilingual mute. Sociopath. Will wait years for the opportunity to take your index finger off at the knuckle.

-Sammy: Republican, Not so Great Dane: Great companion if you can keep him away from the remote, as he tends to favor Sean Hannity.

-Julia: Buddhist Siamese: Superficially soft and cuddly, but genetically unwilling or unable to put up with your shit.

-Kenny: Flat Earther, Pot Bellied Pig: The bad news: unruly, unhousebroken,  disobedient. The good news: first stages of bacon.


Joins us for a post hurricane hangover celebration at Keith’s Oyster Bar at Cocoa Beach Pier both Friday and Saturday from 6 to 10…


Then Sunday it’s Milliken’s at the Port from 2 to 7….


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