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Absolute Blue Invitation 10/20/17 - 10/22/17


Absolute Blue Marketizes


It has come to our attention that throughout the life of the band we have seen many social, economic and environmental changes. So what was the case in the late 1990’s is hardly true now. So how do we know where we stand? What is our market reach? Our Market Share? Who are our closest competitors? In an effort to determine our true place in the market we have contracted with the distinguished marketing group Wheekin, Foolem and Offendue. Unfortunately is appears that we never did learn to share, our market reach is beyond our grasp and our closest competitors are an ornate park bench, various bouncy houses and a coupla Chuck E. Cheeses. As a result, it was strongly suggested that we implement a process called ‘Humanization’ in an effort to make us appear more, well, human. So we polled the band to come up with little known facts that make us appear more interesting. Please use these for conversation starters and don’t be afraid to interact with the member of your choice:


-Skip: I’ll have a large with pepperoni and mushrooms. Please arrange the pepperoni to say “Hi, Skip” and draw a dinosaur on the box.

-Don: Due to its cinematography and social context, my favorite film by far is My Little Pony: The Director’s Cut. Plus it’s got fricking ponies.

-Bill: Two liberals walk into a bar, one with a poodle and one with a salami.

-Kevin: Wahoo, or Acanthocybium solandri, is a scombrid fish found worldwide in tropical and subtropical seas. It is best known for its speed and highly regarded by many gourmets. This is the fish I most like to murder.

-Tom: Ok, dammit, my favorite color is blue. No, orange. Wait, green.


Actually, we couldn’t get a hold of Skip so we used his last Dominos order.



Join us for a highly unusual Thursday night at Tequila Azul, in The Avenue in Viera, on Lake Andrew between Longhorn and Chili’s, from 7 to 10. Get your weekend started here…


Then Friday and Saturday it’s Keith’s Oyster Bar at the famous Cocoa Beach Pier 6 to 10 both nights…

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