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Absolute Blue Invitation 6/29/18 - 7/01/18

Absolute Blue Games


There are certain things from our past that remind us of simpler times. Of time spent together without the daily distractions that we now face. And what better way to start than with some of the games we remember as a kid. And we’re not talking about the Chinese version of a popular new game that Kevin recommended, Cards Against Hunanity or its Republican counterpart, Cards Against Sean Hannity. Or that time when Don misunderstood the concept of Scattergories and showed up in a diaper, or adult undergarment, depends. I know, you’ve heard this before, way back in the day, when we proposed a more adult product line including Well Hungry Hungry Hippos and Dicpictionary. But except for Tom we’ve matured considerably since then. So come on, don’t be a Yahtzee Nazi! It’s time to put down the phone and fully engage for our new line of games suitable for the whole family:


-SkipDough: More than just a card game, it’s a strategy for managing our guitarist’s portfolio, one nickel at a time.

-Donopoly: This replaces the traditional properties such as Boardwalk and Park Place with items found around Don’s neighborhood, like Old Shoe, Beer Can and Squirrel.

-Tominoes: A different take on the tile placing game. It’s not so much Mahjong or Yorjong, it’s Ourjong.

-Billy Putty: Mostly industrial strength spackling and used chewing gum. Avoid contact with skin, eyes, relatives, pets that are pregnant, pets that may become pregnant or pets that are thinking about becoming pregnant.

-Tickle Me Kevin: No. Just don’t.


Join us for a big weekend as these will be our last public performances for a couple weeks…


Friday it’s a highly unusual appearance at Cocoa Beach Squidlips from 5:30 to 9:30…


Then Saturday we return to Brews and Blues in St Cloud, 1122 Pennsylvania Ave, just a block off 192, from 7:30 to 11:30…


And Sunday come on down to Sandbar in Cocoa Beach at the end of 520 from 4 to 8…

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