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Absolute Blue Invitation - 10/05/18 - 10/06/18

Absolute Blue Collectisizes


They are in! It is finally time for market recognition of the long awaited Absolute Blue Action Figures! Make no mistake people, these are NOT toys! These are extremely limited, highly coveted collectibles, designed to be a critical part of your investment plan, virtually guaranteed to substantially increase in value, provided the product stays in its hermetically sealed packaging, ensuring that the herms are kept out, or kept in, I never could figure that one out. Each one specifically designed to represent a member of The Worst Band You’ll Ever Love metaphorically, figuratively or emblematically. Several toy companies have been after us for many years to authorize a new series of toys design to entertain as well as offend and we finally pulled the trigger and said, “Come at me Hasbro.” Could be hand crafted by local artisans, but mostly raided from an old dumpster behind Toys ‘R Us. See if you can guess who inspired which of our latest creations:


A. Lower GI Joe: Forget about Kung Fu Grip, this one’s got Eff You Flip, with a completely extendible middle finger.

B. The Kavenger: Special edition, complete with an appointment to the Satellite Beach Beautification Board, only to be hit with decades old allegations of littering. Fun for the whole family!

C. GI Josephine: Putting the Trans in Transformers, it changes from Bruce to Caitlyn in three simple steps.

D: Iron Deficiency Man: It’s really just a Ken doll that had its arms broken so it could hold a cigarette.

E. Tickle Me Kevin: No. Just don’t.


Make plans to join us this weekend as we take the next couple weekends off for travel and whatnot. Mostly not.


We start things off with a Friday night at Squid Lips in Melbourne from 7 to 11..


Then it’s Saturday in St Cloud at Brews ‘N Blues, on Pennsylvania Ave just off 192 from 7:30 to 11:30…



A.Tom B.Bill C.Don D.Skip E.Kevin

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