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Absolute Blue Invitation 10/26/18 - 10/27/18

Absolute Blue Reflects


During our recent time off we were given ample opportunity to review and evaluate past correspondence and we have come to some startling conclusions. The inconsistency and inanity of said posts has prompted further research to determine an underlying cause. So I called 1.800.THE.RAPY and was connected to the next available ‘licensed’ therapist. For $5.99 a minute I was successfully purged of childhood trauma such as the following:


Parent: Did you see the orange dog in the yard?

Me: Umm, what?

Parent: He looked so sad.

Me: Umm, how?

Parent: I think he was a melon collie.




Parent: Did you see those cows this morning?

Me: No.

Parent: They are planning something.

Me: I mean, no. Please. Don’t.

Parent: It could be cattle clysmic.


As a result, I contacted 1.800.SU.EVRY1 and was connect to the first available ‘licensed’ attorney. Current pending action cites mental duress, loss of habitat, emotional anguish, loss of wages, fear of commitment, demonstrative disillusionment and intellectual repression over the course of many years. However due to what has been referred to as limited cognitive capacity, this has been relegated to small claims court.



Anyways, check us out at Keith’s Oyster Bar at the fabulous Cocoa Beach Pier this Friday and Saturday from 6 to 10….

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