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Absolute Blue Invitation 2/22/19 - 2/24/19

Absolute Blue Originizes


It’s the question we get asked more than any other. Ok, besides, “What’s that smell?” People seem to be interested in the origin of the band. How it all came together. What I can tell you is that it was a simpler time. But also a more vulnerable time. The Soviet nation was in collapse. Disco was in decline. Pet rocks had been discontinued. The beanie baby bubble had busted. People were looking for some direction in their lives. After much bribing, many kickbacks and greasing a few palms (with actual grease) Tom was able to obtain a sizable federal grant to Establish And Promote A Culturally Edifying Product For Pacification And Subjugation Purposes. After many failed attempts, up to and including an attempt to rename traditional chords, such as Aminor, Eflat and G, to Bob, Jimmy and Evelyn, he finally spearheaded an initiative to rent plants out for cross pollination, thereby putting the hor in horticulture. Business boomed until in a reverse sting operation, he was brought up on agriculture prostitution charges, which is apparently a thing. Fortunately, due to an appalling lack of congressional oversight and practically no accountability he was able to use most of the rest of the money to avoid any significant jail time. With the last few dollars he placed a Personal ad in the local newspaper looking for likeminded musicians to form a unique blend of comedy and music, like comusic. Or musedy. Whatever. After that:


-Bill was added through a supplemental draft after his former band tired of his repeated requests to pull his finger.

-Don was drafted as a free agent from the local farm team, where he was released for conduct unbecoming a musician. And with standards that low, you really have to be trying.

-Kevin was added in a five band trade that included future draft picks, right of first refusal (for actual refuse) and several pizza coupons.

-Skip was a walk on following a stint in the Carolina league, where after a failed a drug test, he inexplicably was found with absolutely no illicit substances in his system. He then resigned in disgrace.



Join us for a Sunday at the Crab Stop in Sebastian, on Indian River Blvd just north of Main Street, from 2 to 6…

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