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Absolute Blue Invitation 4/05/19 - 4/06/19

Absolute Blue Nebulizes


Considering our area’s history it was only a matter of time before we took on space. You know, like your new shower curtain, the vinyl frontier. You may boldly go wherever you like, but please count me out. Space is really just a whole lotta nothing. Just imagine an object. Then imagine the exact opposite. That’s what space is. Except there’s like radiation out there that will freeze your blood. Or boil it. Or simmer in on low for 10-12 minutes. And now the Indians have blown up one of their satellites, just to show off, so now instead of one large object to dodge, there’s ten thousand little pieces, all traveling at about seventeen thousand miles an hour, faster if you’re in Europe and in kilometers. Each one of these capable of at least putting an eye out. And NASA says they’re on top of this near earth object thing, that they have a guy watching out. But what about when he calls in sick? He’s probably accrued some vacation time by now. I mean, a lunch break or even a quick trip to the men’s room could be catastrophic. Just ask a dinosaur. Oh, wait we can’t. Cause THEY’RE ALL DEAD. So you need your space? Have at it. As for me I’m sticking to this here earth for as long as I can. Longer if possible. So until next week when we tell you what we read on the internet about germs, we bring you the following:


-Willumbra: Of or pertaining to the dark center portion of a shadow. Except our drummer doesn’t cast a shadow. You know, like Nosfartatu.

-Tomet: Just like our bass player, ice cold and eminently predictable.

-Skipacolypse: An extinction event specifically pertaining to an NEO impact. Or Auburn winning a national title.

-Astrodonical: Relating to celestial events or objects. As you all know, our trumpet player puts the ass in astrodonical.

-Kevinterstellar: Situated or occurring between the stars.  Most likely Kim and Khloe.


Join us for a Friday night at Gator’s Dockside, formerly Millikens Reef, at Port Canaveral from 6 to 10…

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