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Absolute Blue Invitation 05/31/19 - 06/01/19

Absolute Blue Titilizes


We at Absolute Blue Inc. have come to regard ourselves as the elder statesmen of the Brevard entertainment scene, perhaps even local music royalty. But one thing missing from our collective comprehensive resume is a proper designation. Try as we may, the closest we ever came to a legitimate title was when Don won the Sexy Legs contest in 1998. And that was even fixed. So where do we go for our long awaited recognition? Like anything else we turn to the dark web, where we can purchase a series of titles from a website called RoyaltyForRoyalties. We seriously considered ‘Discount Viscounts’ or even ‘Squires of Desires’, but we wanted something more personal, something that spoke to our individuality, that confirms that we don’t conform to the norm. And after much negotiation and some questionable payoffs we have officially adopted our new designations so heretofore in the future we shall be known by the following:


-Don: The Dalai Lama of Melodrama, for his frequent temper tantrums and overall petulance.

-Skip: The Czar of Guitar, due to his musical prowess and tyrannical fashion sense.

-Kevin: The Baron of Carin’, mostly because of his many philanthropic endeavors.

-Bill: The Emir of Light Beer. Also known as The Duke of Puke should he find himself offshore.

-Tom: The Pope of Nope.



Join us for a Saturday at Sandbar in Cocoa Beach at the end of 520 from 9 to 1…

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