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Absolute Blue Invitation 08/02/19 - 08/03/19

Absolute Blue Trainicizes


We at The Worst Band You’ll Ever Love have always been interested in physical fitness. We enjoy reading and learning about it as well as watching other people do it. But recently there have been some alarming trends regarding a longstanding fitness regime that needs to be addressed if not federally regulated. It seems the yoga we were told about as youngsters has now been ritualistically segmented into different disciplines similar to the Protestant Church a few years back. We now have hot or cold yoga, probably depending on your fitness level, yoga with cattle, probably violating a number of local and/or state regulations, and stool yoga, which just sounds gross. This all seems innocent enough but then again so did Scientology, vaccines and reality tv. So somebody perfected the art of yoga with a spatula. I mean how hard can that be? It is with this in mind that we have developed, trademarked and copyrighted our own conditioning classifications and bestowed upon ourselves the title of Master in each:


-Kevin advises you get ready to advocate, abrogate and ablate upstate with his Saratoga Yoga.

-Don infuses elements of olfactory therapy into his newest offering, odoriferously called Aroma Yoga.

-Bill created a discipline that combines eastern mysticism with traditional Indian roots that he calls Pagoda Yoga.

-Tom introduces affordable reliability into your workout with Toyota Corolla Yoga.

-Skip says, use the force for your conditioning, you will, with Yoda Yoga.



Join us Friday for an evening at Gator’s Dockside at the Port from 6 to 10…


Then Saturday it’s the Sandbar in Cocoa Beach, at the end of 520, from 9 to 1…

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