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Absolute Blue Invitation 10/04/19 - 10/06/19


Absolute Blue Attornizes


When we look back over the years it’s truly amazing how little we’ve accomplished. We are forced to search deep within ourselves, introspectively, for any sign of success, such as being well meaning Republicans. Or our lack of prostrate or incontinence issues, depends. Or the fact that despite numerous attempts, we have not been sued. Successfully. In civil court. In a state beginning with the letter ‘S’. This we can directly attribute to our crack team of lawyers. Or more appropriately our team of crack lawyers. Few realize it but our trumpet player obtained a law degree, thanks to an offshore non accredited ‘college’ and a twenty dollar bill. He worked his way up to partner in the Welsh firm Wynkyn, Blynkyn and Don, formerly known as Litigations ‘R’ Us. But the credit goes to other organizations as well:


-The firm that has exclusive rights to all our divorces and prices at a bulk rate thanks to Kevin: Ditcher, Quickly and Hyde.

-For civil matters that seem to take forever we work with Herry, Yupp and Waite.

-For more aggressive legal matters we turn to Screwem, Goode and Hart.

-When asked if we will be pursuing litigation, we refer the respondent to the law offices of F. Ennay Wrightiam.

-There is a special office specifically for harassment complaints, which are handled by Wamm, Bamm and T. Hankumamm.


Join us for our only public performance this week, Saturday night as we return to the Tiki in Sebastian, on Indian River just north of Main Street, from 7 to 11…

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