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Absolute Blue Invitation 01/10/20 - 01/11/20

Absolute Blue Sloganizes


Sure, you know us as The Worst Band You’ll Ever Love, but it hasn’t always been that way. Remember when We Put The Suck In Success? Or when we were Conquering The World One Beer At A Time? Or our No Beer Left Behind campaign? Me neither. Either way it seems like forever since we were just A Series Of Unfortunate Notes. Seems like through the years we barely missed out on some really popular and influential catchphrases that were effectively stolen in what we can only suspect is foreign tampering with registered American intellectual property. Ok, so maybe not that intellectual. But from What Can Blue Do For You to The Relentless Pursuit Of Affection we have been at the forefront of many innovative if not marginally legal marketing campaigns. But don’t take my word for it. See below for more sloganic tragedies, calamities and misfortunes. And please remember, band members carry less than $10 cash.


-Tom, confused after seeing the mens room attendant’s tip jar, remarked Every Piss Begins With Pay.

-Don misunderstood the McDonald’s ad phonetically and conceptually and went to the drive through with his Lime Oven Mitt.

-Kevin has a motto when he runs out of duct tape: Just Glue It.

-When he snuck whiskey with a box of paper towels into a dinner at the catholic church, Skip called it the Vicar Liquor Supper. Sorry Bounty.

-Bill shops at Winn Dixie because he doesn’t want to go Where Shopping Takes Forever.



Please join us for a benefit for good friend Jay Plotkin. We are trying to lend a hand with expenses related to his recent wife’s passing, so please stop by The Shack in Palm Bay, just south of Port Malabar, Thursday from 6:30 to 9:30 to spread some joy and a little cash to help a friend that can really use it…


Friday we return to Sunset Waterfront Grill in Cocoa Beach, on 520 at the river, from 5 to 10…

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