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Absolue Blue Invitation - 1/17/20 - 1/18/20

Absolute Blue Automizes


We haven’t been this excited since Don gave up his yodeling career. Granted, we’ve introduced automotive innovations before, such as our Double D Cup Holders and our Escape (The Pina Colada Car) but this is absolutely revolutionary and will shake the industry to its very foundation. And once our lawyers stopped laughing they gave us approval to announce the latest vehicular technology, the plant based car, or Plautomobile. Ok, so we have yet to design a propulsion system, but we have developed new ingenious colors, such as metallic rust and pitted chrome. Best of all, once you’re done with it forget about that trip to the junkyard, it’s off to the compost heap. Sure, it stinks but so does our reliance on fossil fuels. And the last season of Lost. Quality assurance work on all our developmental models went as planned, save for the hemp prototype that Bill was working on that kept lighting on fire. Behold the already trademarked and poorly marketed models of the world’s first edible transportation:


-Cadililac: Smells great. Runs great, but only downhill.

-Soyota: The best of both worlds: Legumes and Japanese engineering.

-Subarhubarb: You’ll rhu the day. Ha.

-Isuzucchini: The luxury of a substandard commercial vehicle with all the comfort you’d expect from driving a large gourd.

-Tofusion: We partnered with Ford to combine their most economical model and Tom's love of textured vegetable protein.


Join us for our first ever Friday Fest in Cocoa Beach, on Minuteman Causeway, just west of A1A, from 6:30 to 10:30 or thereabouts…


And speaking of firsts, it’s our first ever performance at Mainstreet Pub, just east of the Henegar Center in Downtown Melbourne, from 6 to 10 Saturday…

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